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So you’ve decided you need a corporate video or sales promo… but how do you choose the right production company? If you’ve never commissioned a video before, or perhaps even if you have, this can be the most nervous part of the process.

Choosing the right company to partner with to deliver a quality video, which will reach your audience and make your business look good, can be daunting.

We’re here to help with a few points to consider when choosing someone to work with. Here at RMV Productions we’re passionate about producing high quality video, which makes you look good. So we want to make each step of the process as smooth and easy as possible…


There are a number of things to consider, before and during, the process of selecting a video production company. Much like choosing any partner, you’ll want to feel comfortable with the video production company you end up with. Comfortable that they understand you, your brand and the ultimate aim of your project. Comfortable that they can deliver the quality you hope for. And comfortable that they are a good bunch to work with.

First step, check out their portfolio -HERE’S OURS. Check out the competition -no link for this, sorry 😉 Where possible meet the team; spend time with them to understand their creative process. Ask as many questions as you want. Discuss your project and your hopes and dreams for your video.



When writing the brief, be clear with what you hope to achieve from your video. What is your end goal or objective? Who is your primary audience? The brief should be a two-way communication. A chance for you to get your idea’s down on paper, and for your video production company to ask questions and help you refine your ideas.

Secondly the brief should cover the process. What is your time frame for delivery? Who is involved and what is your sign off process? This ensures we understand not only the channels of communication and who to direct questions to, but also the timeframes involved. Clarity in a brief will also give the production company a clear direction on your objectives, work-flow and end-game.

The brief should also include any brand guidelines you may have, ‘tone of voice’ for the piece, and any other creative in-put you have. The more in-put we have from you at this stage the better. This can then be refined and condensed to give you a powerful video, delivering your specific message to your precise audience.

Creative Brief


While we’d love you to choose us immediately, after being overwhelmingly impressed by our portfolio! We recommend contacting 2 or 3 production companies. (We’re not afraid of the competition). Give them the same brief and see what creative ideas and quote they come up with. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with our creativity…

Sometimes a two round selection process can help you to determine which agency seems more suitable for your purposes. The first round could be a simple paper pitch or quote, based on your brief. Followed by a more involved second round, perhaps a pitch meeting or more detailed treatment with script and storyboard.

A face-to-face meeting is a great way to get a ‘feeling’ for the team, as well as discuss the brief in more detail, answering any relevant questions. This in turn then allows you to refine the brief. At this stage you may also discuss the project budget and whether you need to amend this to get the desired result.



Make sure that you understand who has ‘ownership’ of the content produced. Will the production company or yourself have overall creative control? Who will make editorial decisions (such as music track) and whether any third parties (such as voiceover artists) are used? Before settling on a video agency make sure you’re happy about agreements regarding budget or deadlines, and work flow.  It is not unusual for contracts to contain clauses if either party fail to deliver or hit certain outlined obligations.



Ultimately any video, whether a facts-and-figures internal end of year, a B2B sales video, or a customer focused marketing promo, should be as creative as possible. There is no excuse for corporate video to be dull or amateur looking. We also believe the process should endeavor to be smooth, professional, and as stress-free as possible.

At RMV Productions we pride ourselves on a customer service focused attitude and are passionate about delivering the most creative media content we can.

If you’d like to discuss an up coming video project then call us today on 01403 261 031 or email.

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