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Business Matters Awards – Highly Commended for Innovation

We’re very happy to announce that we were short listed finalists in two categories at the recent ‘Business Matters Awards’ for Small Business of the Year 2017 and Innovative Business of the Year 2017.

On the night of the awards we were honoured to be ‘Highly Commended for Innovation’:

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Video Shoot

Thinking about commissioning a corporate video, marketing/sales promo, or animation? Here are a few reasons to consider quality video content…

If you would like our expert help and advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your corporate video project.



Whether you choose an animation or real video shoot, you are providing information in a more beneficial way from the off.  Take animation for example; you can present stats and complicated details in a more visual way. Video grabs people’s attention in a far greater way than words. Research has shown that people are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a corporate video.


Why is online video skyrocketing? Watch to discover five factors behind video's rapid rise.

Posted by Facebook IQ on Wednesday, 8 March 2017


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STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Video Production

Media Agency

Whether you’ve had experience with the video production process before or not, it can often feel a little daunting. We’re here to help with our Step By Step Guide to Video Production.

At RMV Productions we pride ourselves on our customer service focused approach and are passionate about delivering high quality visual content. We don’t just want to make you an awesome video, we also want to ensure the whole process, from start to finish, is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. This is our guide to video production.


Media Agency

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Live Event Filming

So you’ve decided you need a corporate video or sales promo… but how do you choose the right production company? If you’ve never commissioned a video before, or perhaps even if you have, this can be the most nervous part of the process.

Choosing the right company to partner with to deliver a quality video, which will reach your audience and make your business look good, can be daunting.

We’re here to help with a few points to consider when choosing someone to work with. Here at RMV Productions we’re passionate about producing high quality video, which makes you look good. So we want to make each step of the process as smooth and easy as possible…

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Sussex Digital Awards 2017 – Finalists!


We are very proud and excited to announce that we have been selected as a finalist by Sussex Digital Awards 2017 not one but TWO categories!

The two categories are;

Use of Video for Business


Website: Marketing & Creative

So…we’ve only got to wait until 13th April 2017 when the award ceremony takes place at Pelham House in Lewes to find out.

We are extremely proud of the work we produce and our clients are very happy and pleased with what we achieve (you can see this by what they have to say below). However it’s incredible to get recognition from within the industry itself – as you can imagine we are completely over the moon to be selected.

To give you a few ideas about how we can help your business, here are some examples of the different and powerful ways you can use video and animation to enhance and optimise your communications and marketing. From internal communication videos to product or app demonstrations and explainer films, we know how to make the right impact.

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FILM FRIDAY is here… and it’s going to be BIG!

Film Friday Image

Film Friday is a monthly video production day, that offers you the opportunity to share the cost of producing a high quality 60-120 second marketing video with other local businesses.

You’ll have exclusive access to our experienced film crew, dedicated film studio, professional lighting and skilled editing, together with specialist one-to-one guidance on how to achieve the very best from the shoot session, all provided at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone.

Your video can either; showcase you or someone in your company, promote a product range, act as a website introduction or promote your service and values. It’s up to you to decide on the concept that best delivers your business objectives in your 1.5 hour slot. Our studio is set up to film with a variety of back drops including green screen, enabling our expert editors to composite in any background, art work or company logo you would like, all for the same great price.

And that’s not all! We want to ensure that you know exactly how to maximise your video, so we’ve combined all of our expertise and industry knowledge in to a very helpful ‘Essential Guide to Video Promotion’ which is also included in your package.

At RMV Productions we’re passionate about helping small local businesses (like ourselves) produce high quality video content, which generate real results, at an affordable rate. That’s why we’ve put together this exclusive monthly video production day. To enable you to have the very best marketing, sales or website video, to promote your product or business, drive website traffic, and help improve SEO.

What are the details?
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The Good News Is That It ‘Looks Like Rain’

Singer/songwriter and BBC Introducing Artist Tom Prior gets transported back to the ’80s

Tom Prior Music Video Looks Like Rain by RMV Productions

Tom Prior Music Video Looks Like Rain by RMV Productions

We had the pleasure of transporting singer songwriter Tom Prior back to the 1980s producing his latest music video from his first studio album.

Filmed at Gun Hill Studios in Sussex, the music video for the new song, ‘Looks Like Rain’, sees Tom Prior in character as an anchorman newsreader. He is joined by a beautiful blonde co-host and a cheeky weatherman with a hidden talent for disco dancing. If you live in Horsham you may even recognise the weatherman – the very talented Chris Dale from HAODS (Horsham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society).

Initially we had two ideas that we pitched to Tom. One involved a choreographed dance routine in water, with Tom surrounded by a waterfall as he sang the song and two very wet dancers dancing to it. The second was a newsroom concept, which Tom instantly loved. The idea itself stems from the song title, ‘Looks Like Rain’ , which sounds like a weather report. This in turn led to the news program idea; we thought it would be fun to give it a retro 1980’s/Anchorman twist.

Furthermore, we contrasted a comic video with an honest and heartfelt song. As a result, what you’re seeing and experiencing on screen, compared to the sincerity of the lyrics, is the reason why the video works so well.

We had a lot of fun filming the video and Tom was great to work with. We think he did a fantastic job, playing his straight-faced news reader character perfectly. He even admitted that he’d never done anything quite like this before, but you can’t tell!

Tom’s track ‘Looks like Rain’ is released on Friday 4 November 2016. It’s the first single from Tom Priors new album, The Sunday Scene, out on Island Records.

Here’s the finished video:

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Rumer Lyric Video for Warner Music

Lyric Video Rumer

Warner Music asked us if we could create an illustrated lyric video to promote the release of the track ‘Balance of Nature’. I think everyone loves the song ‘Close to You’ by Bert Bacharach, most famously sung by ‘The Carpenters’ and recently covered by Rumer on her new album; ‘This Girls In Love’, and this song has a very similar feel and tone.

Lyric video’s are something we do often at RMVP but we don’t always get to really unleash our creativity; drawing illustrations and designs, as often the artwork is provided, so I was raring to go on this project!


It was nice to have time to begin with sketching and working out a theme that would flow through the whole animation. I started by sketching the animals that would fit with the verses, taking inspiration from Rumers instagram page. It’s easy to see she has a real personal love for nature, (and especially dogs!) and we wanted to keep that feeling with the illustrations by using smooth movement for the animation, so it wouldn’t be anything too jarring or “in your face”. I went through a few different renditions of animals in love, narrowing it down to the birds and deer.


One of my favourite artists is Alphonse Mucha, alongside other art adventures he designed posters showing off the leading ladies at theatres of his day. I particularly like the bold outline he gives some of his leading ladies, such as the painting ‘Job’ and I wanted to use this style to show off Rumer herself. I had a fun time including her in the animation, with her interacting with the birds to help her fit her into the scene.


We received such a great response about the lyric video from Rumer and Warner Music, which is always good, and encouraged me to push further into creating a beautiful animation to match the beautiful music. Here’s the final video:

I’m looking forward to creating more awesome animations in the future! I love the whole creative process from coming up with creative ideas & pre-vis, to creating a story board, animatic and then final animation. And I enjoy the challenge of taking on a range of styles and animation types. Last week was pretty 2D animals and nature, this week is a crazy hand drawn psychedelic alien animation and next will be a full 3D bombastic software launch animation. 🙂

You can check out some of my artwork on my instagram and follow RMVP’s instagram to see all the many different projects we’re working on.

But we don’t just do lyric video… RMV Productions provide a wide range of creative media services including animation, motion graphics, video production, filming gigs & live events, screen content and visuals for live events, corporate, web and marketing video… and anything else you can commission us with to provide that next creative challenge!

Get in touch to discuss your next media project. Follow us on TWITTER and like us on FACEBOOK to keep up to date with what we’re up to.

Thanks! Charlie Aimie x