Lyric Video


Maty Noyes

Lyric videos are animated music videos that showcase the words of a song, animated in time to the music. These can range from simple words on screen to fully animated and illustrated creations.

At face value lyric videos may be a simple concept, but it’s one that’s taken off on YouTube. They have become a popular genre for music labels, due to their constant need to produce more visual content for their bands and artists. If you haven’t yet heard of the ‘lyric video’ then clearly you don’t spend much time on YouTube! Search the words ‘lyric video’ and you’ll get about 72,400,000 results (including a couple of our own in the first page results).

Once the domain of fan-made iMovie or Windows Movie Maker slide shows. The lyric video has evolved into fully animated, highly styalised visual genre of it’s own. Go back to 2010 and you’ll find fan made DIY Karaoke videos like this…

But fast forward to 2017 and you’ll see professionally produced lyric videos, like the ones created by RMV Productions, are serious artistic contenders. They even command their own category at major international music awards.


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Ladyhawke Visuals


We created a series of track visuals for Ladyhawke’s new album which are going out this week across her social media channels. Check back every day for more visuals and insight from Ladyhawke on the inspiration for each track.

Ladyhawke Visuals – The process…

We pitched for this job on Creative Commission. After winning the pitch we discussed some ideas with IE Music and set about creating some concept animations. These started life as a very different visual; more of a room made of audio waveforms with neon blobs dancing in time to the music. But after discussing this initial concept with Ladyhawke we decided to go for something less clean and more trippy, which is in keeping with the album.


So we came up with the hypnotic kaleidoscope animation which moves in time to the music. Once this look was signed off a different animation was created for each track.Each visual has a different look and feel inspired by the music and lyrics for that song. For ‘Chills’ we went for an ice cold look and gave the kaleidoscope a crystal-like patern which at times feels like a snow flake.

Ladyhawke Chills

Ladyhawke visual for ‘Chills’

‘Wild Things’ had to be warm and vibrant! It has an Indian vibe inspired by the abstract patterns in Indian textiles and festival prints.


Ladyhawke Visuals for ‘Wild Things’












In total we created 11 visuals for each track on Ladyhawke’s new album ‘Wild Things’. These were shared each day across her social media.

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