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    Sussex Digital Awards 2017 – Finalists!

    We are very proud and excited to announce that we have been selected as a finalist by Sussex Digital Awards 2017 not one but TWO categories!

    The two categories are;

    Use of Video for Business


    Website: Marketing & Creative

    So…we’ve only got to wait until 13th April 2017 when the award ceremony takes place at Pelham House in Lewes to find out.

    We are extremely proud of the work we produce and our clients are very happy and pleased with what we achieve (you can see this by what they have to say below). However it’s incredible to get recognition from within the industry itself – as you can imagine we are completely over the moon to be selected.

    To give you a few ideas about how we can help your business, here are some examples of the different and powerful ways you can use video and animation to enhance and optimise your communications and marketing. From internal communication videos to product or app demonstrations and explainer films, we know how to make the right impact.

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    VictoriaSussex Digital Awards 2017 – Finalists!
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    FILM FRIDAY is here… and it’s going to be BIG!

    Film Friday is a monthly video production day, that offers you the opportunity to share the cost of producing a high quality 60-120 second marketing video with other local businesses.

    You’ll have exclusive access to our experienced film crew, dedicated film studio, professional lighting and skilled editing, together with specialist one-to-one guidance on how to achieve the very best from the shoot session, all provided at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone.

    Your video can either; showcase you or someone in your company, promote a product range, act as a website introduction or promote your service and values. It’s up to you to decide on the concept that best delivers your business objectives in your 1.5 hour slot. Our studio is set up to film with a variety of back drops including green screen, enabling our expert editors to composite in any background, art work or company logo you would like, all for the same great price.

    And that’s not all! We want to ensure that you know exactly how to maximise your video, so we’ve combined all of our expertise and industry knowledge in to a very helpful ‘Essential Guide to Video Promotion’ which is also included in your package.

    At RMV Productions we’re passionate about helping small local businesses (like ourselves) produce high quality video content, which generate real results, at an affordable rate. That’s why we’ve put together this exclusive monthly video production day. To enable you to have the very best marketing, sales or website video, to promote your product or business, drive website traffic, and help improve SEO.

    What are the details?
    Film Friday costs just

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    VictoriaFILM FRIDAY is here… and it’s going to be BIG!
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    Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016

    RMV Productions at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016

    If you’ve ever wondered what happens backstage at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball, then here’s a unique opportunity to find out.

    For the fifth year running, RMV Productions have helped create a range of screen content for this incredible live event, hosted at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December 2016.

    We thought it would be fun to give you a behind the scenes insight into the work we do, and what better way to do this than to cover our work at one of the UKs best live music events?

    The Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 line-up was astounding with all our favourite performers like Calvin Harris, Little Mix, Sean Mendes, Craig David, Ellie Goulding, Olly Murs, Martin Garrix and Sean Paul to name-drop a few!

    Imagine yourself at the event and looking at the stage – we create the visual content for the huge screens around the stage area. The stage is covered in 4k worth of HD pixel screens, supplied by XL Video, as well as two giant HD screens either side of the stage and the ‘arena motion’ pixel strip which wraps around the entire arena, just below the second tear of seating.

    So….are you sitting comfortably? Then buckle your seat belt as we’re about to launch you right in to the action!

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    VictoriaCapital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016
  • TMT Entertainment Awards 2016 – WINNER!

    TMT News Entertainment Awards 2016

    TMT News Entertainment Awards

    RMV Productions have won the TMT News Entertainment Awards 2016 for ‘Best Motion Design Specialist 2016’.

    The TMT News Entertainment Awards 2016 highlights key players, creative individuals and innovative firms who have provided the world with new, cutting-edge techniques.

    Speaking about the programme Jessie Wilson, Awards Coordinator, commented: “Entertainment is important to everyone and we all have different tastes, meaning companies have to work hard to appeal to as many clients as possible. Through the awards programme we have turned the spotlight on the dedicated firms and those working behind the scenes within them who are providing quality, informative content. I would just like to express my pride in all of my winners and wish them the best of luck going forward.”

    It’s fabulous news for all of us at RMV Productions. We are all so pleased to hear we are winners in this very important and relevant category. The icing on the cake to round off the end of a spectacular 2016!


    Experience our incredible animation and motion graphics and feel inspired for your next project or business in 2017 – take a look!

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    VictoriaTMT Entertainment Awards 2016 – WINNER!
  • The Good News Is That It ‘Looks Like Rain’

    Singer/songwriter and BBC Introducing Artist Tom Prior gets transported back to the ’80s

    Tom Prior Music Video Looks Like Rain by RMV Productions

    Tom Prior Music Video Looks Like Rain by RMV Productions

    We had the pleasure of transporting singer songwriter Tom Prior back to the 1980s producing his latest music video from his first studio album.

    Filmed at Gun Hill Studios in Sussex, the music video for the new song, ‘Looks Like Rain’, sees Tom Prior in character as an anchorman newsreader. He is joined by a beautiful blonde co-host and a cheeky weatherman with a hidden talent for disco dancing. If you live in Horsham you may even recognise the weatherman – the very talented Chris Dale from HAODS (Horsham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society).

    Initially we had two ideas that we pitched to Tom. One involved a choreographed dance routine in water, with Tom surrounded by a waterfall as he sang the song and two very wet dancers dancing to it. The second was a newsroom concept, which Tom instantly loved. The idea itself stems from the song title, ‘Looks Like Rain’ , which sounds like a weather report. This in turn led to the news program idea; we thought it would be fun to give it a retro 1980’s/Anchorman twist.

    Furthermore, we contrasted a comic video with an honest and heartfelt song. As a result, what you’re seeing and experiencing on screen, compared to the sincerity of the lyrics, is the reason why the video works so well.

    We had a lot of fun filming the video and Tom was great to work with. We think he did a fantastic job, playing his straight-faced news reader character perfectly. He even admitted that he’d never done anything quite like this before, but you can’t tell!

    Tom’s track ‘Looks like Rain’ is released on Friday 4 November 2016. It’s the first single from Tom Priors new album, The Sunday Scene, out on Island Records.

    Here’s the finished video:

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    VictoriaThe Good News Is That It ‘Looks Like Rain’
  • BON_Still_007.jpg

    Rumer Lyric Video for Warner Music

    Warner Music asked us if we could create an illustrated lyric video to promote the release of the track ‘Balance of Nature’. I think everyone loves the song ‘Close to You’ by Bert Bacharach, most famously sung by ‘The Carpenters’ and recently covered by Rumer on her new album; ‘This Girls In Love’, and this song has a very similar feel and tone.

    Lyric video’s are something we do often at RMVP but we don’t always get to really unleash our creativity; drawing illustrations and designs, as often the artwork is provided, so I was raring to go on this project!


    It was nice to have time to begin with sketching and working out a theme that would flow through the whole animation. I started by sketching the animals that would fit with the verses, taking inspiration from Rumers instagram page. It’s easy to see she has a real personal love for nature, (and especially dogs!) and we wanted to keep that feeling with the illustrations by using smooth movement for the animation, so it wouldn’t be anything too jarring or “in your face”. I went through a few different renditions of animals in love, narrowing it down to the birds and deer.


    One of my favourite artists is Alphonse Mucha, alongside other art adventures he designed posters showing off the leading ladies at theatres of his day. I particularly like the bold outline he gives some of his leading ladies, such as the painting ‘Job’ and I wanted to use this style to show off Rumer herself. I had a fun time including her in the animation, with her interacting with the birds to help her fit her into the scene.


    We received such a great response about the lyric video from Rumer and Warner Music, which is always good, and encouraged me to push further into creating a beautiful animation to match the beautiful music. Here’s the final video:

    I’m looking forward to creating more awesome animations in the future! I love the whole creative process from coming up with creative ideas & pre-vis, to creating a story board, animatic and then final animation. And I enjoy the challenge of taking on a range of styles and animation types. Last week was pretty 2D animals and nature, this week is a crazy hand drawn psychedelic alien animation and next will be a full 3D bombastic software launch animation. 🙂

    You can check out some of my artwork on my instagram and follow RMVP’s instagram to see all the many different projects we’re working on.

    But we don’t just do lyric video… RMV Productions provide a wide range of creative media services including animation, motion graphics, video production, filming gigs & live events, screen content and visuals for live events, corporate, web and marketing video… and anything else you can commission us with to provide that next creative challenge!

    Get in touch to discuss your next media project. Follow us on TWITTER and like us on FACEBOOK to keep up to date with what we’re up to.

    Thanks! Charlie Aimie x

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    Pete ReeveRumer Lyric Video for Warner Music
  • YouTube beach at Cannes Lions

    We’ve just had a great week in beautiful Cannes covering the #YouTubeBeach with Above & Beyond at the Cannes Lions Festival.


    Morning #Cannes All set for day 1 on the #YouTubeBeach If you’re at #canneslions come down and check it out.

    A post shared by RMV Productions (@rmv_productions) on


    There was a great team working at the beach to put on a cool venue for festival goers. We were tasked with filming the lightning talks each day and editing these to get them on YouTube, as well as daily highlights coverage of everything happening at the beach.


    There were a lot of very interesting talks at Cannes Lions, covering everything from creative marketing to technology, VR and online communities. And a lot of fun VR stuff too, including #SubSeaSelfie; filming swimmers with an underwater 360 camera, the awesome ‘Expeditions’ and ‘Vive’ VR experiences, and beach volley ball, yummy food and juice bars.


    We regularly provide on-site editing and fast turn around coverage of events such as these. We can create screen content and animated visuals for your event screens, film crews to cover everything going on on the day, and super speedy editing to get your event coverage online and across your social media within hours!



    Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your next event.

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    Pete ReeveYouTube beach at Cannes Lions
  • 101-Capital-95-106-grey.jpg

    Capital Summertime Ball 2016

    We’ve just had a great weekend at our 4th Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium. This is the culmination of almost three months hard work creating a range of video content for the show, which features a bevy of the worlds top pop stars!


    For each Capital Ball we provide motion design, editing and animation; creating stage visuals, motion graphics and artist intro videos for each act performing at the show. We start about 2 months in advance, as soon as the design look & feel is locked. Working with creative director Beth Honan, we help design the motion graphics and video effects to fit with the over all creative for the show and of course Capital’s branding.


    Stage visuals for

    We edit the stage intro VT’s for each act, taking their portfolio of music videos and cutting a ‘mash-up’ montage, layered with video effects and motion graphics. These are played out right before each act take to the stage.

    Another fun part of the project is creating karaoke animations to get the crowd singing and dancing during breaks between acts. We confess we also have a little bit of a sing in the studio when we’re making these.


    Karaoke on the giant screens at Wembley


    Check out some examples from the show…


    Load video

    RMVP produce a lot of screen visuals and creative video content for concerts, music festivals and live events. Our team is constantly expanding to meet the needs of the bigger and bigger projects we take on! And of course we still cater for small projects and events, as well as web and corporate video & motion graphics.


    Load video

    Get in touch to discuss how we can help produce dynamic and engaging video content for you.

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    Pete ReeveCapital Summertime Ball 2016

    Ladyhawke Visuals

    We created a series of track visuals for Ladyhawke’s new album which are going out this week across her social media channels. Check back every day for more visuals and insight from Ladyhawke on the inspiration for each track.

    Ladyhawke Visuals – The process…

    We pitched for this job on Creative Commission. After winning the pitch we discussed some ideas with IE Music and set about creating some concept animations. These started life as a very different visual; more of a room made of audio waveforms with neon blobs dancing in time to the music. But after discussing this initial concept with Ladyhawke we decided to go for something less clean and more trippy, which is in keeping with the album.


    So we came up with the hypnotic kaleidoscope animation which moves in time to the music. Once this look was signed off a different animation was created for each track.Each visual has a different look and feel inspired by the music and lyrics for that song. For ‘Chills’ we went for an ice cold look and gave the kaleidoscope a crystal-like patern which at times feels like a snow flake.

    Ladyhawke Chills

    Ladyhawke visual for ‘Chills’

    ‘Wild Things’ had to be warm and vibrant! It has an Indian vibe inspired by the abstract patterns in Indian textiles and festival prints.


    Ladyhawke Visuals for ‘Wild Things’












    In total we created 11 visuals for each track on Ladyhawke’s new album ‘Wild Things’. These were shared each day across her social media.

    Don’t forget to subscribe to follow us on twitter and instagram, and like our Facebook page.


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    Pete ReeveLadyhawke Visuals

    Meet Mark the video intern. Here is tells us about his time with RMV Productions…

    Week 1 – Marriott and NBA

    What was supposed to be, in Pete’s mind, a quiet start to my internship as Junior Editor, started off with everyone hitting the ground running, as the shoot with Marriott Rewards and the NBA started a day early, Monday 11th, at basecamp inside River Films’ office in London; all Apple systems a go!

    Immediately after our quick introductions, Pete was given the task of creating a 12 second promo for the Global Games NBA Tour, the first of many short viral style videos which would be required in the lead up to the main event – a basketball game between the Toronto Raptors and the Orlando Magic being hosted at the O2 on the Thursday evening. Our main goal was to get as many people tweeting and talking about ‘Hashtag Around The World’ – Really, you have to say ‘hashtag’ now for people to get it – before game day, with 12, 30 and 60 second videos of celebrities and sports stars being taken out of their comfort zone for a bit of fun and some comedy. The stars included Didier Drogba, NBA legend Rick FoxFleur EastVernon Kay, Paddy McGuinnessAsmir Begavic and Michael B Jordan; not to shabby a bit of star spotting for my first week!


    This sudden request for content before our passwords had been typed in really set the working pace for the rest of the week. Before we even hit location numero uno, Pete was already taking changes and notes from the clients expecting the videos up that same day. Up to this point in my 2 years of editing experience post-graduation, I had never seen notes come in so quickly. Having been typically used to long form editing (Short film/music video/feature length), I had been growing accustomed to having weeks to watch over and think about the footage before the client showed up. I knew not every form of editing took that approach, but seeing it took a second to absorb.


    My main focus was to DIT the footage and organise it for Pete, Andy and Geoff, two other editors who joined on various days. Pete was incredibly generous about talking through what he was doing as he was doing it, particularly given the time constraints, and always happy yo answer questions. He’s quick and efficient with the tools – we are predominately using Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite (Premiere Pro, After Effect et al) – and that efficiency is an incredibly important string to have on your bow. On a couple of occasions, he had to take clips into After Effects to track out logos we weren’t allowed to show. I realised that, of course, if you’re the solo editor on a project, you’re the one expected to know the solutions and execute them quickly. It’s a confidence with the programs that I’m going to keep building on. I’m starting to nosedive into the rest of the Creative Cloud, with Pete setting up training days, having only flitted around with CC when necessary.

    I hugely enjoy editing and everything it involves and so week one was hugely fun for me – it could have been 2 weeks for all I cared. The good company helps when you’re freezing cold, and watching Pete and co in their element, and helping, is enjoyable. I look forward to learning even more as the weeks go on!

    And that comment about being cold isn’t a joke. I’ll now always expect it as the default weather condition when onsite editing, even when you’re told you’ll be somewhere warm! Though I await our first call to shoot in Antarctica – I think the O2 was a good practice run.

    Week 2 – Bridgestone in Monaco and The Emirates HBT conference 

    My second week began on Sunday, as Andy, who I met during the Marriott/NBA gig, had spent some time in cloudy Monaco at an event hosted by Bridgestone, and needed an assistant to get the deliverables out by deadline. The Monaco event was set up to demonstrate a new set of tyres which could be driven on whilst deflated, and with representatives from all over the world present, they were set to impress. These representatives made up a portion of the content that needed edited in the form of ‘vox-pops’ (on the street interviews) to be top and tailed with lower thirds, with name and country present, and then sorted into country bins within Premiere Pro.

    It wasn’t a complicated start, but it was great for Andy to let me get my hands dirty in Premiere Pro and contribute to a set of videos for a big name client such as Bridgestone. Other videos I got to stick my fingers into included 15 and 30 second social media spots for Instagram and Facebook. These required a sharp eye for spotting good content within the rushes – of which there were a lot – with not much time to do it and make the spot sharp, flashy and interesting whilst summing up the purpose of the event. I said it in the last blog post and Ill say it again – and Pete will laugh again – I’m used to having longer to check the footage and pull out selects or best takes, so getting through 3 cameras worth of footage covering a weekend in only maybe an hour or so, was a different workflow for me. Andy threw on the deadlines and even though this wasn’t high pressure, the more experience I get with those scenarios, the better and quicker I’ll become at sifting out those golden moments.


    Thursday saw me at the Emirates Stadium with Geoff, another editor/film maker Pete works with a lot. This time we were covering a teacher conference on Homophobic, Bi-phobic and Transphobic bullying within schools. This shoot forms part of an ongoing project being edited, with footage being collated over several events and conferences. I was there as a Runner this time around, making sure @GeoffCockwill and camera man @JoshuaBamber were able to concentrate on capturing the talks and getting interviews from the speakers and audience members.


    It’s always fantastic to be on location to see everything being filmed and understand where the footage is coming from. There are a lot of stages in the production process, and I’ve always believed it’s important to understand something about the stage that comes before and after your own. In this case that would be learning camera formats, codecs and what that means for bringing the clips into the NLE (Non Linear Editor), to the various outputs you may be required to deliver to; from websites to TV and stage screens. It was a brilliant shoot and as a bonus I leant a little bit about a subject that I haven’t given much thought to.


    Geoff, Josh & Mark at the Emirates Stadium

    Both Andy and Geoff were great at explaining what they were doing and thinking, during my time with them. Both were also great at communicating what they wanted from me, and suggesting better ways of carrying out tasks that I may not have been aware of. To find a group of video makers willing to put in the time and bring me along to their jobs is invaluable, and always the best way to learn and grow…

    Week 3 – The X-Factor 

    X-Factor! A pretty cool way to start off my third blog post, and even cooler that it’s what I get to talk to you about for the next few minutes.

    Over the last few years, Pete and Andy have had a regular gig at the touring stage of the X-Factor phenomenon, preparing all of the onstage visual craziness that appears on the huge screens behind the performers and dancers at the shows. Who knew that content for one of the biggest touring shows in the UK was generated right here in little old Horsham, right?

    They had both been working on these visuals for the past few weeks – certainly for the time I’ve been with Pete now – and this work load for X Factor was the reason I was assisting Andy with Bridgestone as well. The visuals consisted of animation loops, flashes of colour, a sense of timing and a bit of fun and imagination, all set out to a template showing roughly the layout of the screen; several screens either side and also along the steps. It’s one of those things you see constantly but never really think about the creative process behind getting them onstage. But now I know, I’ll never forget.


    My roll was to arrange the pre-show and interval content for viewing. This included X Factor related adverts from Talk Talk and Babyliss along with music videos and album promos from previous winners and runners ups such as Little Mix, Olly Murs and One Direction. This was the content that would play out when the crowd is getting their food and what not, but non the less important – I reassure myself – because if it wasn’t there, people would notice!

    It wasn’t the trickiest program of content to arrange once the ordering and formatting had been agreed upon, but the overall programs had to run to certain lengths –  30 minutes for the pre-show and 20 minutes for the interval. It wasn’t until we arrived in Wakefield on the Sunday (February 6th) that a lot of the content actually arrived and I found out that different locations would require different ad content, whilst still hitting those same times. It was equally a task of organisation and content management as it was an editing piece, and I believe I handled it very well and left little room for confusion if another person were to look at the project.

    It was incredible being able to travel up to Wakefield and see the rehearsals. In the week prior, Andy and myself filmed a few Text competition adverts in front of a green screen with Seann Miley Moore and the 4th Impact girls. It was great seeing a show of this scale coming together with the enthusiasm everybody had for it. From Beth – the creative director, to seeing the pyrotechnics all blowing up for the first time in the final dress rehearsals, the work put in from everyone front of stage is incredible. Some of the artist’s sets were brilliantly choreographed, particularly winner Louisa Johnson’s. Equally, the work done behind the scenes was just as exciting to be a real part of. Backstage, I met JB who was in charge of coding the show’s content together and making sure the screens worked, and everything appeared as planned. He was Pete’s right hand man….Or, was Pete his right hand man? … Either way we all needed each other to get through 14 hour days with a smile, and with the video director, Ivan, going a thousand words a minute into his headset, the stage crew and costume department running around like mad men by the last couple day (9th-10th), Pete constantly adjusting and re-adjusting the screen visuals as we got to see them, to finding some personal satisfaction in cutting 1:40 out of an Olly Murs song, (other musical opinions are available), everything came together behind the scenes wonderfully, and it was a great project to be involved in. We arrived back in Horsham late Wednesday (10th) and Pete headed straight up to Aberdeen the next morning with JB to monitor the first couple of shows and take care of any teething problems; so far I’ve heard nothing of any issues or malfunctions!

    Hopefully in the future this becomes a gig that I can be involved frequently, if not X-Factor then another musical event and get my hands dirty on the screen visuals as, even with Pete and Andy on the job, there looked like a lot to manage.

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