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TMT NEWS ANNOUNCE RMV PRODUCTIONS AS WINNER OF TWO 2017 MEDIA AWARDS Media is at the core of many businesses across the globe. Digital platforms have grown rapidly in recent years and have revolutionised the way individuals, firms, and companies communicate and create within their respected industries. Horsham creative video agency, RMV Productions, have been at

A Weeks Work Experience with RMV Productions

Hello, my name is Tobias Greenwood and I am a Media student from St. Paul’s Catholic College in Burgess Hill. I have a huge interest in the media industry (television production) so being accepted for work experience with RMV productions was a huge privilege. Creative Director Pete asked me to keep a diary of my week,

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: To the Best Interview

So you’ve decided you want to film a business interview or piece to camera. But that means you have to appear in front of the camera. Pretty scary right? We’ll fret no more, we’re here to help you produce the best interview ever! It’s very easy, in the video production process, to become preoccupied with


Choosing the right video production company can be tricky. Here’s our 13 Reasons Why you should choose RMV Productions…   Once you’ve read our 13 Reasons Why, if you’d like some help and advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your corporate video project.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Writing a Video Brief

Writing a brief for your video is usually the first place to start when commissioning a video project. This can conjure up images of huge documents painstakingly compiled, with spread sheets and info-graphics. But it needn’t be that stressful! Here at RMV Productions we believe in making every step of the video production process as smooth


Thinking about commissioning a corporate video, marketing/sales promo, or animation? Here are a few reasons to consider quality video content… If you would like our expert help and advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your corporate video project.   1. PEOPLE LOVE VIDEO Whether you choose an animation or real video shoot, you

Matt the Audio Intern

We asked our audio intern Matt to tell us about his time so far at RMV Productions. Here’s what he had to say… Since I joined RMV as an audio intern about a month ago I have to say it’s been an amazing experience so far. To be able to start my career in this

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Video Production

Whether you’ve had experience with the video production process before or not, it can often feel a little daunting. We’re here to help with our Step By Step Guide to Video Production. At RMV Productions we pride ourselves on our customer service focused approach and are passionate about delivering high quality visual content. We don’t just


So you’ve decided you need a corporate video or sales promo… but how do you choose the right production company? If you’ve never commissioned a video before, or perhaps even if you have, this can be the most nervous part of the process. Choosing the right company to partner with to deliver a quality video,


Lyric videos are animated music videos that showcase the words of a song, animated in time to the music. These can range from simple words on screen to fully animated and illustrated creations. At face value lyric videos may be a simple concept, but it’s one that’s taken off on YouTube. They have become a popular genre